Introduce Careers

About our work
Q.What are your main tasks?

Garment Sample Development from Bulk to overall handling of the sample is the main task.

About capability
Q.What are the competencies and qualifications needed to do the job?

For sample handling, you need to be aware of the pattern and sample process, and fast and accurate processing is essential to get the job done. 

Q.What do you think about the characteristics and vision of the job?

We are mainly dealing and specialized in soft fabrics. As the company expand, you can access various tasks such as styling designing, and T / D.

About me
Q.What kind of person do you think is suitable for GG International?

I would like the person to be responsibe and patient with their job. 

Q.Kind words for anyone joining GG?

Even a small tasks requires high perfection. So, you may think that you have a lot of work in the beginning. However, as garment manufacturer, sample is the main part of the garment vendor so, I would like you to take pride in your work and work step by step.